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Pregnancy and working as a mobile massage therapist

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Hello all,

I am a mobile therapist doing mainly Chair Massage/Indian Head as well as Swedish Massage.
I am thinking of having a baby in the next year or so.

What has been your experience of being pregnant and doing mobile therapy? Until how far into your pregnancy were you able to work?

Could you share with me your own experience, please?

Thank you.


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A similar question has already been asked by a newly pregnant therapist -

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Hi Soleeluna

I work as a mobile massage therapist but I have a massage table I carry on wheels. The first time I fell pregnant I slowed down but had a miscarriage at 8 weeks, the second time I fell pregnant I stopped completely and am happy to say I have a beautiful 21 month old. We are trying for another baby and sad to say I miscarried, again at 8 weeks in October - I was still doing appointments. We are trying again but I have decided to not work until after the pregnancy.

It is upto the individual - I know somebody who was massaging until the 8th month, but I know myself that I have to be very careful, especially in the first 3 months.

Good Luck with your pregnancy, and what you decide to do, maybe see if clients can come to you!

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Hi soleeluna!
I am also a mobile therapist. I carried on working and miscarried by 12 weeks.
I cant see that there would be a link but I will definately be more careful next year when we try again. Problem is that if you have a "break" for the 1st 3 months... you may not have any clients to come back to...Unless you have a trusted friend/colleague who could temporarily take on your clients.
Anyway good luck with whatever choice you make.