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Elementals or Gremlins

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Greetings to all,


Right off the bat I want to say that I don't feel entirely comfortable about raising this subject in this forum due to the association it has with the occult so I will politely ask you all to not jump to any judgment before hearing me out because at the core of my question it relates to personal growth.

This will be a two pronged question, one that has always stuck in my mind ever since I had dealings with this person and the other how it relates to the wider question of how it could effect the lives of everyone. 

Let's get into it.... During my twenties I was fortunate enough to be friends with someone who practiced Wicca and who has a very strong affinity with the world of Crystals. It was through meeting him which introduced me to this world, I was always very curious growing up and in some ways when I look back on it, it almost feels like it was natural that I would meet someone like him, there was never any questioning what I was experiencing around him and in fact it seemed completely natural. I have recently been diagnosed as neurodiverse, packing a full on cannon of ADHD (another interesting topic altogether) and it was only last year that I was certified as being completely out there, and to this day I am not convinced that it is me who is the crazy one. 

I spent a lot of time during my youth soul searching, despite all of the what would seem obvious, smack you in the face, can't get any clearer than that answers to all of those deeply searched questions dating back through the ages of wo/man kind and the quests to realise what we are and what we came here for, I have been lucky enough to have an in person show, yet despite all of this there has always been a part of me that writes it off as pure imagination and nothing else. Self doubt is real and it is easy to be hijacked by the naysayers who exist on our planet. 

It got to the point where it really confused me and I was never sure what to believe, even to this day I can feel the same doubt as was there during my early life. 

So here we are now and spiritually I don't think I have made any inroads at all due to some deep-seated stubbornness. I have been towing the same line for decades now about how I want to change yet there is unwillingness to take any steps to move toward a change.

And this is where all of the experiences I had have recently awoken and made me think. My old friend who I mentioned at the top of this conversation ventured to deeply into the craft, he was always quite a dark person as most of you already know but it wasn't until a few years down the line that he really started to change, and it was one night in particular when we were hanging out that we passed each other in the hallway and briefly stopped to chat and exchange pleasantries and during this time I remember very clearly seeing something very out of the ordinary taking place. I might sound mad now but bugger it here goes.. I saw his face change, muscles appeared around his forehead and around his cheeks, something was off and it became apparent very rapidly that I could see something coming out in him which prompted me to immediately inform him about, and to which with in a few blinks he reacted too by shaking it off. Our friendship hit an iceberg around this time and understandably he began to veer off in another direction. This was just one of quite a few different episodes where I think I was beginning to uncover the real him, or perhaps the thing he was hijacked by, and this is where I'm getting to my point. 

A lady who was into the occult at the time whom I spoke with of some of the things that happened told me she wondered whether he had an elemental attached to him which might explain his behaviour. I wonder if this is true, but the wider question which relates back to me and perhaps us a whole is could be all be in the grips of elementals of some kind? It's only been the last few weeks that I have been trying to figure out why I am so stubborn and downright unwilling to change. My dad always used to bring up "the gremlins" who distract us from who we truly are and he, as far as I know was as far away from being religious as humanly possible yet when I think deeply about it I cant help but think there is something very real about it. 

Thinking about my old friend and what I saw and felt has really got me wondering whether there is something inside of me that tries very hard to go unnoticed and until today has largely won in its attempts to stay hidden from my nose. 

Are we all possessed and is it possible to exorcise that demon if that is what it is.