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Hello! I'm new to crystals!

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I recently fell down a hole, and fell in love with crystals and stones and such.
I find myself just browsing and going to my local rock and stone store to just buy a bunch of stones (super awesome place the lady that runs it is a paleontologist, and has the coolest cat who hangs around)
I was curious. Do any of you just sit with your stones over areas you feel need them? what I mean is, I was really anxious this evening then I placed my stones where I felt they fit most ending with an Amethyst on my forehead and now my anxiety is subsiding. Mean while I'm doing this while on my phone and watching YouTube.

Also I would love some advice on crystals and care and anything else you can think of. 🙂 even some recommendations really I'm so fascinated and want to learn more!

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Hi and welcome, hope you enjpoy your crystals. My settee has lots of crystals along the back, down the side etc from where I have them in easy reach and just sit with them when I watch tv. Its a great way to heal 🙂

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Hmm, I bought a lovely Chakra bracelet recently and left it in a changing room whilst trying on as it was catching, I telephoned shop immediately I returned home but someone had taken it, do you think this will bring them good fortune? I was also recently in Altea and could not wait to visit the crystal shop there, the staff had no interest whatsoever, kept their heads down and only responded to our saying hola. When I asked them about Chakra crystals they had to look through a little book to find out what exactly the Chakra stones were. They then said just to have a look ourselves.

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Hi and welcome to the interesting world of crystals !
You need to cleanse the crystals first and you can work intuitively by placing the crystals on specific areas of the body. It is a big no no to do other things whilst using the crystals for healing. You need to relax and then you will feel the subtle energy and it will help to heal you quicker too. Good luck !!

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YES! I do this all the time. Whenever I get panicky, I place amethyst in between my brows and lay down.