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Crystal for safe travel

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My sister is heading off traveling for a year soon and I would like to give hera crystal to bring wiht her. What should I choose for protection and safe travel?
Her birthday is October so maybe one of her birthstones wold be suitable?

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Hi jungdreamer

I would suggest yellow jasper (a lovely pretective stone, also yellow is the colour is good for balancing solar plexus- emotional centre), smoky quartz (for protection from negative energies) and tigers eye 9 a protective stone that can also boost confidence). If your sisiter is travelling by boat an crystal sybolic of water like aquamarine would be good.

Many people I am sure will have other suggestions, but whats most important is to make sure your sister knows how to cleanse any crystals you give her. If possible take her shopping with you so she can choose one for herself

Hope that helps.

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Coral also for protection at sea.

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Her birthstone will depend on which part of October her birthday falls in and whether she's a Libra or a Scorpio. Stones for Libra are Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Aventurine and Peridot. Scorpio Aquamarine, Obsidian, Herkemer Diamond and Topaz.

I'd go for something like a black tourmaline which protects from personal harm. To be carried whilst travelling to reduce tiredness, jet lag and confusion. It can also be placed under the pillow for a restful nights sleep in a place when not in your own bed.

I usually carry a piece of black tourmaline in my purse to prevent loss of money. I've also got small black tourmaline points as earings

Love Binah

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For travel I really recommend the [url]Chakra Wand[/url].
Gemstone wands are filled with higher chakra energies of crown and third eye to heal you. It takes you higher and connects you with the spirits that guide you. From astral travel to enlightenment, many spiritual virtues can be traced back to the use of crystal wands according to gemstone users.