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Hot Stone Massage & Pregnancy

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I have a client who is 4 months pregnant interested in having a hot stone back massage (just a 15 minute taster session). She is comfortable laying on her front at the moment. When I studied hot stone massage, we were told that pregnancy was a contraindication because of the heat although an experienced therapist could adapt it to provide a beneficial and safe treatment. Would it just be a matter of using stones at a lower temperature, lighter strokes, perhaps do more work at the top of the back than at the bottom etc. I'd really appreciate any advice you can offer with this.

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RE: Hot Stone Massage & Pregnancy

I specialise in pregnancy massage and I personallywouldn't do one - the main reason for not using hot stones is because a pregnant lady has almost double the amount of blood in her system and her blood pressure and body tempretureare affected because of this.

From 12 weeks I have pregnant ladies lay on their side for the massage so as not to put any un-needed pressure on their lower back or the growing baby...

Honestly, I would think very carefully about this - protect yourself first - and check with your insurance company if you decide to go ahead. I'm not an expert in hot stone massage I've only been doing it since November but my gut reaction would be not to do it...

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RE: Hot Stone Massage & Pregnancy

My 2 specialities are hot stones therapy and pregnancy massage - I don't combine the 2, as JanAnn says, too many possible issues. I do sometimes use cold stones in pregnancy massage, but I personally won't use hot stones (OK, I may use ONE on the upper back, but that is all, hardly a hot stone massage).

You can lower the temp a LOT and you can work light and you can just work upper back; you can't work below the ribs, you can't work on the legs, you need to avoid the uterine points on the shoulder. Doesn't leave much left to cover in a taster. I've had clients self administer heat packs to the lower back and had the baby turn, which is the last thing you want late in a pregnancy, that's enough to make me cautious about applying heat (I've read ofa method for turning a baby with packs of frozen peas and heat packs, random heat application without the cold gives random baby moving)

This isonly the secondtime I've ever actually heard of a pregnant client requesting anything to do with hot stones - they're usually feeling so much hotter anyway that adding heat is the last thing they want (most of them feel like the oven in the expression 'bun in the oven'). The main people I've had enquiries about hot stones and pregnancy massage are either someone trying to buy a gift certificate, or therapistsasking for training because they think it is a good idea (it's not)

I personally won't have anyone lying on the stomach just on the table once they know they are pregnant, even if they say they are comfortable, and I wouldn't let them, even if they insisted, past the first trimester.

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I wouldn't touch anyone who was pregnant, especially as she has only just passed the first trimester.

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I agree with Jan & cola, I'd not be happy using hot stones on a pregnant client.

I'd leave it for Mum to look forward to after the birth!

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Hot Stone Massage involves heating stones of volcanic rock in a hot water bath whose temperature remains constant to induce during the modeling of the physiological effects of relaxation and detoxification. Hot stone massage is typically performed with a person lying on their back or stomach. therefore Early in pregnancy this may not be a problem

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I would not recommend hot stone massage in pregnancy, it is important contraindicated. The more that can harm your baby.
cardiovascular system in pregnant women can say is doubled, and hot stones cause higher blood flow in the blood vessels, the pressure increases, the heart is working faster.

I do not make such a massage because she was afraid that I would hurt a woman or her child. It is too big a risk.
I'd be more widely over on your spot wondered.