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I can't go away from Spa. What should i do?

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I'm planning to conceive my second child. Here are some question in mind:

  • When can I go to a spa during pregnancy?
  • Is there anything I should avoid at a spa while I'm pregnant?
  • Should I book a massage during pregnancy?
  • Can I have a facial when I'm pregnant?
  • How can I pamper myself at home while I'm pregnant?
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Is this your first baby? You are pregnant not ill !!!!!

If you have any concerns about your health, then talk to the spa staff - they may not want to treat you using certain therapies if you are in your first trimester. Things to avoid? You may not want to sit and poach in a sauna - could make you light headed. If you are more than 6 months pregnant, you may need to ask for some extra pillows to help support you, but I can't seen any harm in having massage - I know I loved being pampered when I was pregnant - and the bump enjoyed it too - lots of movement when the therapist was massaging my abdomen.

Yes, you can have a facial during pregnancy.

At home care? Do anything you like that you enjoy - massaging oil into your skin helps to keep the skin in good condition (but doesn't always prevent stretch marks). And enjoy intimacy with your partner - probably the best fun I ever had!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

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As JTH suggests pregnancy isn't an illness.

If the Spa you go to has a therapist that practices pregnancy massage, then take advantage of it. Massage is a positive thing to have during pregnancy (unless there is a particular medical complication to prevent this) with many benefits to your health and wellbeing. Baby picks up the good vibes as well πŸ˜‰

Unfortunately there is nonsensical attitude within the massage industry that pregnancy treatments is a no no. It's based on the fear of being sued if something goes wrong. All they got to do is a short training course and provide a needed service. If pregnant women were that fragile then they wouldn't be able to go to work, exercise, walk down the street etc.

So relax and enjoy πŸ™‚