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Pregnancy Massage questions

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couple of questions for those that do pregnancy massage:

when you give a pregnancy massage do you prefer to do the massage:

a) sideline
b) client seated
c) beanbag or gym ball
d) supine
e) prone

would you say your massage is shorter than the general massage you give?

do you offer full body massage of just back of body or just back?

do you massage the abdomen?

do you use any special equipment, wedges, cut out pillows, long pillows?

thanks, look forward to your comments.

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No reply yet :-O

In a hour PM, I would either do the feet or head/neck/shouders first with the client semi-supine (back rised, pillows under knees). Then do most the treatment in the side position (both sides of course) and have the knee well supported. All very much done Thai style.

Best Wishes


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Hi Maychang,

I massage pregnant clients in whatever position they are comfortable, and adjust the treatment to fit that. it will also depend on the stage of pregnancy. generally I'll do some work with them on on their back on my inclined table (depending on their stage of pregnancy and size), then sidelaying and seated. I've loads of cushions/pillows/blankets so the client can get comfy and warm, no wedge pillow as my table has an inclining back - its so much easier than faffing with pillows/wedges.

length of treatments - to suit the client, wouldn't say they are shorter, if anything longer so the client fully relaxes to get the best benefit from the treatment. I do full body massage, or work on specific areas - again, what the client wants.

hope that helps,

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Hi Maychang

I carry out my pregnancy massage side lying with a long bolster cushion along side for the client to put one arm and one leg over. This keeps their hips aligned, their spine straight and also keeps them anchored to the table as it means they don't rock while being massaged!

I do a short and long version, so short would be back, neck and shoulder with abdomen as optional, long version is the same but including arms and legs as well

Hope that helps!

Tracey πŸ™‚

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Thanks for the bolster tip Tracey, I remember cuddling a bolster when I was pregant, very benficial! I teach pregnancy massage so will pass this tip on to students πŸ™‚
I also massage pregnant clients on their side (both) then do a little supine, I do bump if my client is happy with this.
Having had weekly massages in both my pregnancies I know how special pregnancy massage is, so I love to offer this treatment.

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I've just introduced the use of a gym ball into my pregnancy massage for back work and stretches, and both myself and my clients love it - especially during the 3rd trimester.

I then tend to carry out the rest of the treatment sideline with pillows and bolsters.

For timing I allow and hour and half, that includes extra time for the client to dress/undress and reposition.

I do massage the bump with the Mother's (and baby's) permission, and I feel so privileged to do so.

I so love my job! πŸ˜€

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I use the BodyCushion from a US company, Body Support. I've massaged well over 1000 pregnant clients on the cushion, I'm up to 7 not being able to be massaged prone, everyone else has been prone, right up to due date - one was 8months with twins and just would not have fitted, I didn't even let her try, went side lying. 5 of them just found it a bit too odd, and one had pubic symphysis (undiagnosed) and found it uncomfortable. Everyone else has found it great to best thing ever, particularly the stomach sleepers.

I only offer 1hr pregnancy treatments. I ask people if they want to turn over after about 40min, and 99% want to stay face down. They get feet legs, hips, back, arms, neck, head all worked on (time permitting) they all need a lot of work on the hips, elsewhere depends on what they need.

I pretty much do a normal massage, avoiding all the appropriate areas that need to be avoided for preganancy massage, with extra attention to the hips. I have a pretty good rate of bringing on labour within 36hrs working the areas that I've been avoiding during the rest of the pregnancy. They often come back for later pregnancies, I've got a couple of clients I've work on through 4 pregnancies, and a lot that I've work with them through two or 3 pregnancies.


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Pregnancy Massage


Massage doing in the position most comfortable for the client. I have a chair and a professional massage bed,also using pillows.

A woman must be more than 3 months pregnant and can not be any complications with her.Recommened first contact with the doctor.

Offer 1 hour of treatment, I'm using two techniques, stroking and rubbing, kneading is not recommended.

Massaging a pregnant woman full body massage on their side (both) and bump if customer is happy with it πŸ™‚

Pregnant women is recommended even reflexotherapy feet πŸ™‚ - which I also doing.