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massage and pregnancy

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Hi everyone, i finally found out that i have passed my holistic and A&P exams with a credit. i am so excited, i have sports massage booked and start the course on the 19th.:):):):):)

I have a client/friend who has had one treatment with me and i am due to see her next week. She has just informed me that she is pregnant. I am booked in for a back only massage.

With ITEC they say that we should avoid massage in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Is this correct??. I know there is a specific course for pregnancy but am unable to do this one yet.

So do i explain the reasons why and cancel the appointment or should i go ahead with a letter from GP, or should i look up some tips on the web and just be sensitive to the obvious areas.

Advice please, Still excited about passing:D:D:D:D

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Hi ya easelifer

Congrats on passing. :D:):D:);):cool:

Pregnancy and massage is quite contraversial. There is plenty of debt on HP, have a look on past pregnancy and massage/reflexology threads.

One of the reasons for ITEC and other organisations have these long contraindications lists is to protect the student therapist and to make you aware of possible problems, especially in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Most insurance companies will cover you for treating mums-to-be. As for GP permission, most GP's won't get you written permission for anything, as this makes them liable for anything going wrong. This idea in the ITEC disclaimer form is a bit dippy. If you wish to proceed with your client, get the client to sign the disclaimer and inform them to mention to their GP they are having treatment.

Personally, I don't see pregnancy as a medical problem but a natural event. I do work on pregnant clients occasionally, at any stage of gestation, but I always consider the following:

# Is there a medical problem?
# Clients own gut instinct about the treatment?
# Has the client has a history of miscarriage?
# Has the client had a course of or a regular user of massage and bodywork therapies?

Should you treat this client? That is up to you. Ask you heart and see what it says!

Best Wishes

Reiki Pixie

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I do a lot of pregnancy massage. I think unless there is a history of miscarriage, go ahead and treat your client. I use only very light pressure on the base of the back in the first trimester, and my usual deep treatment on the upper back. You can also incorporate some IHM if you want depending on how much time you have.