I have lost my pend...
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I have lost my pendulum! Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!

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Hello everyone.

So as the title states, I have lost my pendulum. I just got my pendulum a couple days ago. I went hunting with my boyfriend on some property and I remember having it the whole time. My boyfriend then shot a deer and when I went to grab it out of my pocket it was just gone. I have looked everywhere and just cannot seem to find it. The thought of getting a new one really upsets me because I really just want my first one back. It just felt so special to me.

Please any advice or help is very much appreciated. I am a ball of emotions right now πŸ™



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The first thing it's good to learn is that the pendulum itself has no power. All it does is amplify what you yourself pick up. A pendulum can be made if anything as long as it swings ok. Its good not to be attached to any one penduum so let it go. You may find it or you may end up with something new.