Anyone recognize th...
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Anyone recognize these strange markings.

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Hello to all.... been a while since I posted on the site.. many changes have occurred lol..

Hope to find someone who may be able to throw some light on the attached photos
The symbols or markings have appeared on 3 different houses - 2 houses next door to each other and another one 1 hour away from the location of the other 2.. but earlier on in the month..
Have searched on images in Google but nothing similar.
Just wondered if anyone may have a interest or seen these before.
I have known the person as friend /work colleague for many years and I assure that no Hoax is in play here.
first picture through a window on phone camera and second one outside in front of building... there was also a feeling of a stream of energy flowing over the roof of the house.. the description was told to me by Barbara.
Many thanks to all show interest and reply. ..

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they look very obviously like they are being projected from a couple of light sources, or are reflections from light source(s). The concave shape suggests the light (or lights) is bouncing off a curved surface (or a couple of curved surfaces), with the halo around being a diffusion of the light due to the curved distortion being applied.

I certainly wouldn't treat it as anything strange unless I was stood there in person and saw it, but could not locate any such light sources. From photos... there's nothing to even suggest or prove it's anything unusual.