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pregnancy massage course

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I would like to do a pregnancy and post natal massage course. I checked out the SNT at kingston though very detailed also very expensive compared to a few others I have checked out.
I have now looked at so many I do not know which one to choose. As Pregnancy is an important and emotional time I would like my treatment to be that extra bit special.

Can anyone recommend a course or workshop? I can attend London or Surrey.


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Massage in pregnancy

Hi, I did a workshop at QUANTUM METTA which is 1 or 2 stops up from Kings Cross. I found the course advertised on this site and would highly recommend it.

The venu is easy to find and the course (1 day workshop) was very hands on and designed for qualified therapists. The next course is on 21 March and you can get in touch by email at I have no financial or other interest in this company so my recommendation is purely personal. I am on their mailing list and so receive weekly mail shots with information about various courses running there.

If nothing else, you could try the workshop before deciding whether or not you want to do a full course. However, if you have any details of massage in pregnancy courses that you can pass on I will be very grateful.

Good luck.


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Pregnancy Massage


I did pregnancy massage course with Jing - they are wonderful! They usually teach in Brighton, but sometimes in London or other locations. Check out [DLMURL] [/DLMURL]. Again, no link to them, but just a very satisfied customer/student.


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Hi Lesley:)

Brighton is 40 min away so this would be ideal .thanks for the recommendation .I have checked out the website and this seems right for me.Now Im like a child with a new toy lol πŸ˜€

thank you