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Bowen - how many clients?

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For all the bowen therapists,

how many clients do you see on average per week or month?

Is it a therapy that is popular?

how long did you have to advertise before you started to see patients?

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When I started just over 2 years ago, I was seeing on average 6 clients per week. I still see the same number per week now and this has remained steady for those 2 years. Even though this number hasn't increased as much as I hoped, I am still getting at least 1 new client a week.
I think you need to offer other therapies with Bowen and I am currently studying Emmett, Quantum Touch and Reiki.

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Bowen clients

What do you mean offer Bowen with other therapies, I thought Bowen can not be mixed with other therapies, or am I wrong?

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I read frangipani's comments as offering Bowen 'alongside' other therapies when I first read it. Now, I'm not so sure.

When you train in Bowen, the instructions are pretty specific that you should not mix therapies in the same treatment or even within the same week or so. I trained with BowTech and certainly, mixing modalities is not done and is not acceptable.

However, as I went on other courses, Gene Dobkin's Neural Touch - which draws techniques from several sources and over the last three years with Ross Emmett - who uses his Emmett Technique with all other bodywork modalities, I started to get 'braver' and started mixing Bowen with Emmett - with fantastic results. Now almost every session has a mix of both.

I often meet Bowen trained therapists who would like to try mixing therapies within the same treatment session but feel so hamstrung by their training at 'though shalt not mix' - that they don't use their Bowen very much.

I too would like to explore using Quantum touch with Bowen and, the little I know of QT so far, has encouraged me to use the energy flow when I do the 'moves'.

So why not see what works for you and your clients?

Relax and enjoy what you can do for people once you go with your intuition.


PS this goes off the original question - I see between 6 and 15 people a week for Bowen / Emmett. I am hoping to build this to 20 a week, which will make me happy.

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Yes you can

What do you mean offer Bowen with other therapies, I thought Bowen can not be mixed with other therapies, or am I wrong?

I am a Bowen therapist of many years from Australia , I mix Bowen with everything, the way I see it is that Bowen is the stable , steady, long lasting therapy and many other therapies produce good things , and work best if used in conjunction with a stable partner.
I also teach a variety of Bowen that incorporates emotional access to releasing old traumas. I teach this to all therapists, but the hardest ones to teach are Bowen therapists as they have been frightened into not asking questions and not mixing therapies.

However , how would you like to be able to tell what a persons muscle management method was, to detect trauma with a brief touch, if they were bullied, depressed, had a happy home life , and many more things from a brief touch? Of course you would , that would bring you quickly into rapport with the client, they would know that you "understood them" it helps you to get new clients quickly..... I can sometimes treat 16 clients a day.... And havent been in England long