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Is anyone on here who practices NST or Bowen

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Hi, this is a very quiet area and wondered whether anyone is providing NST or Bowen treatments

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Hello Ann.
I am new to the forum and I get exasperated by the same posts for back problems repeated time after time.

I am 62 retired and suffered with sciatica for over 30 years. Just got on with living with it. Then in 2003 I started to get problems with my leg, the doctor said I should expect things wrong with me at my age and to stop wearing silly flip flops.

By 2007 I could hardly stand up straight, went to a chiropractor he took a X-ray found all of my lower back had collapsed, worn away, my pelvis was tilted which caused the left leg to be shorter and resulted in me walking with a limp.

I bought a book by Jane Alexander called Super Therapies. Read about Bowen went to a workshop at Cam Expo exhibition.

Came home 'Googled' nearest therapist after first treatment went up the road like Sebastian Coe.

Had 5 treatments in all. Even though nothing can be done about the wear and tear of my back my pelvis has been realigned and i no longer walk with a limp. Sciatica is a scourge of the past.

In March I decided to do the course I am very evangelical about this therapy.

It may not be for everyone but at least try it.

A couple of other worthwhile therapies are Zero Balancing and Plexus.

Happy Day's

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Fantastic result, lovely to hear. Look forward to hearing more.

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