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Bowen Technique advice please

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Hi is the Bowen Techiqnue easy to learn and can anyone recommend a course? I am down in Kent. Also is it hard/easy on the hands (I do Reiki, but can't do body massage, as its too much pressure).

Is it a popular therapy generally from what I could see there aren't many people offerig it in this area.


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Hi Atlantic Pearl

I am currently training to become a Bowen therapist and due to do the last part of my course next month. The European College of Bowen Studies offers courses all over the country and their website is worth a look.

There is no pressure involved in Bowen so will not be an issue for you. In fact sometimes the lighter the pressure the better.

Bowen isn't a very well known therapy amongst the general public yet, but its effects are fantastic and I'm sure its reputation will grow.

Why not try the therapy first before deciding whether you want to pursue further. I am also in Kent, so it you want to pm me about organising a free treatment then let me know.

Kind regards


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Just wondering how you both got on with your Bowen? Did you decide to go ahead and learn it Atlanticpearl?

I personally think it is a great therapy as it not only gives amazing results but is also very easy on the hands and body. I once saw 12 clients in 1 day and there is no way you could see that many in some of the other therapies.

I am from Australia and it is 39 degrees here today! No white Christmas here. Thinking of you in the northern hemisphere where you will be a tad cooler! Off for another swim!