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[Sticky] M69 Indian Head Massage Exam Questions

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Hi everyone

I have being trying to recall some of the questions from the M69 indian Head Massage exam questions. I recalled a few. I thought it might be good to post them for future referance to the people who will take the exam. Can any one else recall the other questions?

(In any order...wording also changed as I can't recall the exact wording used.)

1. Which is the deeper tissue movement
2. What is the name of the muscle that covers the shoulder to arm joint
3. Which of these is not a contra indication? (Answer was Stress)
4. On the epidermis, what is the bottom layer called?
5. What is partial baldness called?
6. Which carrier oil contains Phosphate?
7. What is the name given to the colour of the skin?
8. What is meant by Hypo-allergenic massage oil?
9. What is the best position for the client to put her head during the facial massage?
10. What is a link movement called?
11. How long does a IHM treatment last?
12. IHM is benifical for....
13. What is the first movement in IHM called
14. How often should a clinet come for treatment?

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Well done πŸ™‚

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