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Has anyone seen weird sparkling lights in the night and or large/ large quantities of orbs

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I was wondering if anyone thinks this sounds familiar, one night I was lying in bed around 4:00 am or so. And I opened my eyes to find a blinking sparkle that went out my window. It looked a lot like a Christmas light those ones that are strewn around on houses with small bulbs. But it was white. No other color maybe yellow but it was white. And then as I sat there wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me I stared at the spot where it was. And then I saw white dots or orbs lots of them outside the window it looked like it was snowing there was so many. All this happened while I was staring wide eyed at the window. I literally grabbed my phone to check if it was snowing. And then a huge and I mean bigger than a football sized orb maybe even bigger I didn’t have my glasses on arced from the dark and downwards. I sat up quickly and my drowsiness vanished at seeing this. I stared warily at the window feeling the hair on the back of my neck prickle in unease. I was freaked out to say it lightly. And looking close I could’ve sworn I saw (maybe) the same orb that fell on my room move and it reminded me of a silhouette?? I don’t know but whenever I think of what I saw I freak out and have a panic attack. This sounds honestly like I’ve made it up but I swear to and on anything that I know what I saw. And now I stay up till daytime to sleep...