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Starting Shiatsu

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I am so excited - a starting shiatsu at BSS Do in Essex in May

First year consists of Shintai; then will be completing years 2 & 3 afterwards ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Just need to complete A & P Diploma (am struggling due to circumstances at home) :-S
What am I to expect of shiatsu? Any tips greatly appreciated...

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Hi Catareta

I studied Shiatsu with Chris Jarmey's ESS a few years ago.This is a lovely therapy, albeit one that's not well known by the public at large. The A&P is not too hard once you get going. A good shiatsu training will enable you to understand the body and pathological processes from a very different viewpoint. When it comes to practical training, I found that it was easy to find women to practice on (my natural charm, good looks and modesty I suppose!), but very few men. Try to get as much variation as possible, including different ages as well.

Learn a simple qigong system if you can, as it's a good way to stay in tune with your inner you. Stay grounded, as it can be difficult to find enough clients to make a living if shiastu is your only source of income. Whilst training I never met anyone that could rely on shiuatsu alone. Get your hips "open" with stretching (try Taoist tai chi in Bounstead Road), as you need good leg mobility to work on the floor for long periods.

Take your time, and don't rush what can be a very enjoyable experience. Shiuatsu is about the best thing you can do with your clothes on! Every practitioner "feels" different, so try to get lots of treatments where possible.

Best wishes