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Can shiatsu cure people

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I would like to know if Shiatsu can cure people ? I want to learn it but I would like to know more about it first , so pls leave feed back .

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I think it has been well documented that Shiatsu can cure people or at least provide some relief. In this forum I believe there are studies that can be viewed, but it is not a magic pill. I am still a beginner practitioner and from what I have learned by making space in the body and getting meridians to flow energy freely it can bring about change in the person. Hopefully some of those changes would be starting to change bad habits like smoking and diet and get some exercise which will start the ball rolling for better improvement.
Then as time goes on the giver can focus on balancing the person maybe with more specific treatments.

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A film has been made that isbased on over 30,000 Shiatsu treatments that were carried out in a number of Vienna hospitals, over a 15 year period.

These are some of the statements made by the doctors and clinicians who took part.

Doctor Bernhard Kluger – Psychosomatic Medicine

“Before, our access was primarily through “psych” – namely psychotherapy. The new additional possibilities that Shiatsu has opened up for us is a direct approach through the body. It has opened a direct route to the children’s emotions through the body."

Doctor Volker Korbei – Gynaecologist

“The question is not Shiatsu or academic medicine. The answer for me is that Shiatsu should fit into normal medicine. The new definition should be: Who can heal should heal. Who can heal has to be embraced. And shiatsu is right there.”

“If you need an artificial hip, a Shiatsu therapist cannot help you. If you want to avoid the artificial hip you’re better off with a Shiatsu therapist. There is a whole range of problems and diseases where conventional medicine should be promoted and there are problems and diseases, the ones that are left over, where we should be looking at other ways of treating. There are other therapies but with Shiatsu you fare better, it’s cheaper and you attain better health and quality of life.”

Doctor Ingrid Rapatz – Psychotherapist

“In my experience shiatsu is very intensive and it is perceived by the patients as very pleasant and beneficial. What I hear very often and what I experienced myself, because I enjoyed shiatsu myself, is that Shiatsu creates a holistic sense of feeling better.”

Doctor Christian Korbl – Psychiatrist

“I have known about Hara Shiatsu for many years co-operating with Tomas Nelissen on a project with psychiatric in-patients. In the area of substance abuse, patients fond it most important to achieve relaxation and balance. The benefit we noticed most quickly was improved sleep patterns. We were able to reduce, noticeably, the amount of drugs. This was noticed by the patients themselves. For treating psychosomatic disorders Hara Shiatsu offers a completely new way to get to the root of the problem: through the body. Patients with psychosomatic disorders often express conflict though the body, or the problem manifests in the body.”

Professor Doctor Heinz Kuderna – Surgery

“In this period 120 patients were treated. Eighty percent of these patients really improved. About half of the patients improved in a really convincing way that surpassed all our expectations.”

So, in answer to your question, Shiatsu does help and its efficacy is now being recognised by more and more doctors.