Shiatsu facial?
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Shiatsu facial?

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I'm not sure if this should be in the Shiatsu section or one of the other sections, but I'm sure it'll be moved if it's in the wrong place!

I have been given a gift voucher for my local beauty salon for a "Shaitsu facial" - apparently all the therapist underwent training in January for this facial using REN products. Now I've had facials in my time, and I have had a shiatsu massage many moons ago, and to me they don't seem to go together! So, my question is - is this "shiatsu facial" worth having or is it a gimmick, if it's the latter thenmight I be better off swapping it for something else?
I welcome your thoughts!
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RE: Shiatsu facial?

Like you AL, I've heard of Shiatsu, and I've heard of facials, but I've never heard of the two together. Would be interesting to hear from a Shiatsu expert. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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RE: Shiatsu facial?

I am no expert but we are taught many points on the face and I know Ohashi has a video on this, its something I've been looking into. It would be good to hear from senior shiatsu persons on this.

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The Shiatsu facial that you asked about may be similar to one taught by the European Shiatsu School, where is is trained as a Face-lift Body work Diploma Course.

It is based on a number of bodywork and beauty techniques and uses acupressure, Philippine vibrational massage, Chinese massage, and micro-mucle energy technique.
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I hope this is helpful.
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( this information is as accurate as possible, as I have included information from the leaflet)

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I recently started doing shiatsu facial and after 3 months of practice ,i have started receiving compliments for the first time in my life. So,yes - it is effective if done correctly.You need to know all the pressure points like ST and BL. I started it by reading this post

[url]Shiatsu self massage techniques for your facial beauty | Bye Bye Doc[/url]

See the image at the bottom of above url for the shiatsu points on face.