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specific stretch/str, myofascial release or trigger point??

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Hi guys, i have a sports massage diploma and an opportunity has arisen to take one of these 2 day courses. I see mostly rugby players and was wondering which course would be most beneficial to me. Eventually i hope to complete all three courses, however at £258 each, to do all three on consecutive weekends is impossible at the moment.
Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Hi Paul

Must admit I'm suprised if you have a Sports Massage Diploma that you have not covered at least one of these already?
Which techniques have you covered?

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at £258 per weekend, I would expect an awful lot of information, but as DFNU has said, I cnat understand how at least some have not been covered as advanced techniques are in the standards for a diploma course.
Where did you train and which workshop are you considering?
I would be happy to comment on the curricula but will not comment on the quality if I have no experience of either

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Hi, i agree with "Biggaz & DFNU", very surprised this has not been covered during your sports massage course, i remember when i started out 14 years ago, covering it. I use the techniques daily, and find them very useful, i am sure Biggaz will give you invaluable help, and point you in the right direction.