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myofascial release and back pain

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I had a ten minute 'taster' of this therapy (on lower back and stomach) and was reassured this would not make any pain worse though the pain might 'move to a different area'. The next two mornings I have woken with pain in my hip and thigh when lying on my left side. My back was also very stiff the next day. Is this a normal reaction? Can this treatment make things worse?

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Hi Tilly,
from experience ther is likely to be a bit of discomfort for a couple of days, this is normal delated onset of muscle soreness, it depends really how deep a treatment you had, if you had some superficial fascial work done, then it shouldnt be too bad
if you had deeper work done it can be a bit uncomfortable afterwards.
hopefully fasciaman will respond with more detailed reply

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hi Tilly,

what is your original problem? Lower back pain?

MFR is a very safe treatment, although sometimes it can be uncomfortable, and other times it can be painful, depending on the severity of the problem. In my experience its effects are very long lasting if you persevere with the treatments. I know we dont use the word cure, but we effectively get rid of many problems that our clients see us about in our clinic.

You may find that pain can 'move' to other areas, and also that it may be sore for a few days afterwards, but this too can be normal.

If you are concerned you should certainly go back to your therapist to ask them to explain any possible after effects.

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Hi Tilly

Hard to know from reading your post what your troubles are, but I agree with ST and BigGaz about soreness the next day. I always say to clients you may be sore the next day but it usually goes the day after that. Any myofascial release can take a while to rebalance. Consider that it may of taken years for a problem to manifest, it takes a while for it to sort itself out.

Best Wishes


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Hi there

Thanks for your replies. Original problems with sacroilliac joint dysfunction with pain and tenderness on right side with some occasional buttock pain on left. Now after the ten minute treatment, when I lie on my left side i get pain from left side of joint into left buttock and leg. I'm really worried and upset that it's done something to the sacroiiliac joint, maybe he pressed too hard??? Really wish I hadn't done this at the moment.

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Maybe you could book in for a full treatment, so the therapist can treat a larger part of the body?

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Artilce on MFR

Great article on Myofascial release by Rachel Fairweather of the JING Institute -
[url]Dedicated Followers of Fascia! Unravelling the mystery of myofascial approaches By Rachel Fairweather[/url]

Nina x