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Is there more than 1 bowen training estab.

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Hi there

Is Bowen just Bowen or is there more than one Bowen training/establishment/body?


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Hi Debs

The two I know of are Bowtech and European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS).

The guy who set up ECBS was a pupil of the couple who set up Bowtech who then branched out on his own.

I started studying with ECBS but there were some aspects of it I wasn't happy with.

The Bowen practitioner that I know studied with Bowtech and whilst the methods taught are exactly the same the two organisations appear to be run differently.



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Patchouli, what were the aspect that you weren't happy with with ECBS? If you don't want to say on the forum then please feel free to PM me.


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Hello Debs 379, Patchouli and Sarah7:

I was very sad to read, Patchouli, that you found something that you were not pleased with regarding ECBS.

It would be very helpful to know, via PM, what it was that was not helpful to you in your contact with ECBS in the past.

best wishes,
Louise Atwill

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I have just spent the last four days on the course with ECBS . I had a fabulous weekend and will be sending off my booking forms for Part Two and Three tonight.


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Hi everyone.

I have trained with ECBS and from it have established a thriving and busy Bowen clinic. But it didn't stop there, I was very privileged to be invited to train to be a teacher with them . If anyone is interested in further information regarding ECBS, please PM me.

Best wishes

Jo Lunn

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Discussion in mods:

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Training with the Bowen Technique


I am a lecturer in the North East of England / Scotland / Ireland. I have been teaching with ECBS for 7 years and practising for 10 years now. As an academic lecturer and Sport Scientist I was always impressed with the level fo integrity within ECBS staff, speed of administration and the personal management of students in a mentor type fashion. The teaching side and our understanding of the science behind Bowen is moving on leaps and bounds and I am proud to be a part of this.

I am sure if there are any queries about the training process or your experience, ECBS is keen to understand and resolve.

Best wishes to all in this thread

Paula Esson