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energy transfer

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Hi - it's about the fact that, in Bowen, you can work on two people simultaneously.

I think it's a terrific thing to do, I was just wondering - is there any kind of energy transfer between the patients, if the practitioner is going straight from one to the other, continuously throughout treatment?


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Who knows really? I suppose being as we are all intrinsicly connected, it may. Knowing isn't really that important, particularly as separating knowledge from perception is difficult, impossible some would say. Mistaking the two creates so many problems.

My concern would be preserving your own energy. People in need of bowen, will have a lower vibrational frequency than you generally. It is possible for you to entrain to their frequency, which would make you feel washed out usually. Could you use reiki to ensure your frequency was held as high as possible? Some call it grounding.

I use QT during massage to keep my frequency high. In fact I don't have to make a conscious effort, it just happens.Trigger points don't half melt quick!! Doing this is a way of grounding.

I like your couriosity. Let go, trust your intuition. I know many Bowen people, those who are open to possibilty, in whatever forms it may take, are the best practitioners. I'm sure you're not going to cripple yourself like those who see the only solution as Bowen. I also know someone who mixes Bowen with Reiki. Why not?