Bowen or Alexander?
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Bowen or Alexander?

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Can somebody please explain to me the difference between the two techniques?

I am aware I have poor posture, and that something I am doing is probably the cause of my RSI. I would be interested to learn better posture even if this were not the case. I just don't know which to choose?

If there is one you could start from a book you could recommend to me, I would be tempted to start that way.

Any thoughts or advice?

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Hello naturally,

A remedial massage therapist would be able to help you with your postural and RSI problems as well.


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Hi there

I wouldn't start Bowen from a book - there are two books on the market but you don't get the subtle nature of the therapy by reading about how to do it. I did buy one book before starting training - but it was useful for a general feel of what the therapy entailed rather than being able to treat someone from it.

I have treated quite a few people with Bowen & Emmett technique for RSI and find that many are in poor postures at work and so constantly re-injure themselves unless they are prepared or able to make some changes to how they work / their posture / seating position / driving position or their stress levels. I usually am successful in treating their pain and/or stiffness, but for many people it's about how they maintain that level of function that they have achieved through therapy in the affected part of the body. I have many who come back to me for regular monthly or quarterly sessions if they are in particularly difficult occupations and I also recommend that they do something else to maintain their body - like pilates or Tai'Chi.

I am not qualified to advise on exercises / stretches etc and so I am happy to refer people on to a personal trainer / Tai Chi instructor or Pilates class.

I don't know enough about the Alexander technique to help you with that one.

Can I suggest that it might be best to invest in a few treatment sessions with local therapists to see what you get out of either technique. I'm sure it will be money well spent and might save you wasting your time and money on learning a technique that doesn't 'grab' you enough to want to practise it.

If I can help you further then let me know.

Best wishes, whichever you decide on.


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Thank you both. I suspected the answer might be give them a go, rather than from a book, its really not the same is it?!

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I think the main difference is that a Bowen therapist will treat the pain / dysfunction you currently have, then an Alexander teacher would assess your postural habits and help you to unlearn bad habits so that your injury does not recur.
So your answer may be Both!

(happy to be corrected if this is not quite right πŸ˜‰ )