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Balance faith with good health against faith with ill health?

I've come across many people who believe that they will be healthy and whole, have protection from infections, etc, etc, and I admire them in their faith and positivity for now and the future.

But in my day job I deal with many people who have a variety of ill healths, sometimes more serious than others, on the whole they have lived healthy lives, contributed to their community, looked after themselves and family, alternatively it could be just a child who has caught a virus which has led to complications.

Can anyone put forward any suggestions?



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Can anyone put forward any suggestions?

To me having faith in health is not relevant, the body is a shell that will enventually wear out. We can do lots to maintain it and minmise the wear and keep it in good working order as long as we can. But there are health influences that we little or no control over.

Holistically health is one element of our being and I think it's a danger to become defined by our health. I think we should be able to define our own health expectations, I've seen so many websites that promise perfect health and this is really chasing the rainbow. We should learn contentment and look after what we have.

Health is a big target for the marketing people, both the big Pharma and the suppliment industry target us because everyone worries about their health at some point in time. The media is forever bombarding us with images of perfect smiling bodies that make the average person think they're missing out on something.

Today we actually enjoy better health than our forefathers. We have better health education, infant mortality is so much less than it used to be. I made a database of all the Births, Marriages and Deaths of everyone with my surname from 1837-1905. Entering that much data was quite a chore, but entering the infant mortality rates was the biggest challenge and I was literally sobbing as I entered the data.

I believe we should celebrate the health we enjoy today but also remember it's something we have because of living in the developed world.

Having had a near death experience when I was 20 has made me appreciate health. Every day is a blessing, every day there is so much to do. Creation has given me my senses, each to experience the gift of creation. When I've been laid aside through poor health, I've been given new opportunities to give thanks.

I have a friend was paralysed as a child through surgery on her spine, she was classified as having learning difficuties and excluded from mainstream education. All her life she has suffered from the most debilitating infections. But as an adult, she took herself to university, graduated with a BA and now she's about the qualify as a barraster.

Health is not about what we haven't got or what can be achieved, it's about what we've got and living life to the full.


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How can we .. balance faith with good health against faith with ill health?

Hi Fudge,

Forgive me for being dumb, but I don't understand the question, or the point you're trying to makie. Could you please try to explain further - thanks!

love and peace,