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Glandular fever and massage

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Hi does anyone know if it advisable to massage someone after they are recovering from Glandular Fever? I know its involves the lymphatics but am a little unsure as to if it advisable, thank you πŸ™‚

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Hiya Eden

Would someone want to be massaged while recovering from Glandular Fever?

I had it has a young child and it wiped me out for months, I couldn't be bothered to do anything, I didn't have the energy to do anything either. I remember aching all the time, I don't think I would of actually liked a massage then as I hurt so much. But then maybe that was just me, I've never actually met anyone else who has had it.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Angel x

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I had glandular fever three years ago, followed by CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME).
It is painful, and very achey, in a flu like way, and therefore you should keep the massage light, and (as with all massage) ask them if the pressure is okay. You made need to continually readjust pressure and be particularly sensitive to lymph nodes which may still be swollen, such as the back of the knees, neck, armpits...etc... but not all glands are affected in everybody, so the key is really clear communication with your client.
Glandular fever often leaves the immune system low, so lymphatic massage can help to stimulate.
It is also often followed with depression, so touch and massage are really important in recovery.
Good luck, and if you are worried, ask your client to check it's okay with their GP. Mine thought it was a really good idea. πŸ™‚

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I have to admit when I had GF I did not want anyone to touch me and it took months to recover but everyone is different and some people may want to be massaged.

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Hi Eden,

I'm currently working with someone who's been recovering from GF for 4 months now and they've found it extremely beneficial. Light relaxation techniques mixed with some MLD and very light passive Thai stretches (as they're stiff from the immobillity). As Pandora says - steer clear of any swollen/painful lymph nodes and there should be no problems.

Your best bet is to try several light techniques and see what your client finds best, if you have any concers ask your client to check with their GP.

Good luck,


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After 8 months I have just come out of GF. I definitely did not want any massage - my therapy was rest! I did have a flotation pool session (45 minutes), & it left me feeling even worse, & more exhausted. After a couple of days I did feel better. Now that I'm feeling more like myself again (hurrah), I'm craving massages like a chocoholic craves chocolate, & am having them regularly. They've all been light so far but it didn't really feel like they resolved the stiffness I was experiencing after such a long period of immobility, & they left me feeling very unsatisfied.

I've just had a deep massage yesterday, where the therapist used very heavy pressure. We're talking elbows & painful! At the time it felt fantastic - my body was greeting that pressure like a long lost friend. I was tired in the evening & had an early night, & woke up feeling ok early the next morning (this morning).

But from this afternoon I've been feeling fatigued, and out of kilter. My body hurts, & I have had a cracking headache for hours now. As a rule I don't take painkillers, but I have made an exception tonight as I need to look after my daughers, & the headache is making me feel sick. I know all of these symptoms are in line with the after effects you can experience after a massage, but then my paranoid brain is wondering whether I've actually set myself backwards, as this feels extremely similar to the GF symptoms. Does anyone have any advice or experience / thoughts they can share please? I've decided to accept and go with it tonight, even though I'm incredibly nauseous and sore, and will see how I am tomorrow. I'm thinking that GF clients are more sensitive to the detox effects we put our body through as a result of having therapies which encourage toxins being released and processed.

Hi does anyone know if it advisable to massage someone after they are recovering from Glandular Fever? I know its involves the lymphatics but am a little unsure as to if it advisable, thank you πŸ™‚


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I would (as a therapist!) recommend MLD - but if you found a light massage too light, find a Bowen practitioner.

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The immune system needs to be strengthened in order to keep the glandular fever symptoms at bay. Complementary therapies for GF are like the use of essential oils, homoeopathy, massage therapy, and visualization to ensure that glandular fever relapses do not occur. When my neighbour had, they went to some massage therapy center to relieve pain and glandular fever symptoms.