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Osteopathy for trapped nerve?

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Hello !
I 'm looking for info on trapped nerves either from professionals or from anyone who has suffered from them and has had successful treatment?
I have a herniated disc on my cervical spine which left me with 2 numb fingers , since last year , didn't go for the operation so I was thinking to give osteopathy a go .
Any comments , suggestions are welcome !
Thank you

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Registered Osteopath Kelston Chorley replies

If you have been diagnosed (using an MRI scan) with a herniated disc where the nerve has been pressed upon and is causing sufficient pressure to produce numbness then you most definitely have a trapped nerve.

Your decision to leave surgery for the moment is obviously based upon the level of information you have been provided to date.

A percentage of patients can find relief from these symptoms and often it will be found that the herniation retreats somewhat following appropriate osteopathic intervention.

If you visit an osteopath be sure to give them all the details and preferably a copy of the scan ‘report’ to help them in deciding if you are a good candidate for treatment.