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Myofascial release/trigger point therapy; EXTRA LONG SESSIONS?

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Does anyone do extended sessions?

I was researching some of the american practioners work recently and a few do like 15 hours over 3 days to really release the full body.

Is this just an american thing?

I know not much can be done in 45 mins or even 1 hour and this makes sense to me as many muscles/areas are involved and one with restricted fascia will have many trigger points.

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This makes sense to me. But will it work in the UK people's ever so busy lifestyle, which probably caused the problem in the first place? In China they give acupuncture and short massage sessions for typically 10 days, have a few days off, then more daily treatments to shift problems. But 5 hour long days days of bodywork. Sound a bit over the top to me, and a big initial investment. Hmm...client would have to be pretty robust.

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There was a thread about three-hour sessions about two years ago, which I'll try to find and 'bounce'.