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ECBS Bowen Training recognised in Ireland?

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Just wondering if Bowen practitioners working in Ireland did their training with ECBS.

I was going to post off the booking form but got to thinking about crediations etc.
I'm sure that it would be recognised over here (ireland) but hope to hear somebody's experience.

I may ring around the insurance companies and see what they say...I guess they are the only ones who care about it other than the clients lol?

Any advice from anyone would be much appreciated.

Thanks x

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Not sure if you are in NI or ROI but I know that ECBS do course in NI but there is also Bowtech who were set up by the originators of Bowen.

There is a lady in Dublin called Ellen Cobb who does the Bowtech course.

Here is the link


ECBS will do the course in five modules and I was swayed by that and went with them as the Bowtech is over about seven modules.

However, I felt that although the number of days taught in its entirety is similar I felt that with ECBS they tried to squeeze an incredible amount into the first module which for ECBS is four days as opposed to Bowtechs two day.

By the time I came home after the four days and tried to practice what I had been taught there was so much to go over I wasn't 100% sure that I was doing it correctly.

By the time I went back a month later I came to realise that there were many procedures I was not doing totally right that I felt I spent module two going over and over again what I was not doing right.

Now, I am quick on the uptake, I normally pick things up with no problem but if you are shown a helluva lot of procedures in a four day period and then go away and make any mistake in the next month it can take quite a bit to rectify them. I gave up the course after module three (I also didn't like the hard sell that we were getting about a lot of other things)

In hindsight I now wish I had gone with the other, longer course as, for me, it may have been better.

As for being recognised in Ireland I cannot see any reason why both courses wouldn't be.


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Thanks for all the great advice Patchouli. I did check out Bowtech but the dates don't suit unfortunately. And it's a bit more expensive.
I know what you mean about rectifying any mistakes/problems after a month or so but my mum knows a bowen practicioner so I am hoping that he will help me out if I am stuck.
It's a shame you gave it up after module 3...could you not continue it with Bowtech?

Well thanks again for your insight, i'll have a good think about everything again x