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After care for Bowen Technique

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I'm just wondering if anyone can "clarify" what you should do after a Bowen session ?

The reason I'm asking is that i've been told and have read not to put hot or cold near the muscles afterwards (like a hot shower, hot ointments, hot/cold packs etc) which I can understand - but then have been told that i can visit the hairdresser and go under a hot dryer and also take a bath ? This seems contradictory to me.

I've also read not to lift heavy things but what is the definition of "heavy" ? Obviously you wouldn't lift something that was a huge strain but what about carrying shopping or lifting up a child ? Some of these things can't really be avoided.

Hoping someone can shed some light on this. Thanks.

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Hi there,

I bet you are a little confused. The hot and cold things are any extremes of temperatures so very hot or very cold baths, showers, ice or heat packs, rubs etc. So I would recommend you not visit a hairdresser and stick your head under a hot dryer.

No heavy lifting/ gym work to the point that your muscles are straining. I always say to do gentle walking, swimming in the 4 days after a treatment.

The reason being that Bowen works with your body up to four days after a treatment and if we can not put our bodies under any extremes during this period, your body will get the best out of the treatment. heat, cold and strain pull our bodies in different ways than Bowen and so may counteract the good work going on.

Hope that helps a little.