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Canal Street

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I was in Canal Street on Monday and must give big thumbs up. I've never been to a gay area before and I felt totally at ease, plus we had a meal there and it was fab!

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RE: Canal Street


Was there last night as part of a friends hen night, was good fun, the music wasn't half bad and we all just chilled out and had los of laughs. Never been there before, not local to me, but they say it's fab for a night out. Did like the atmosphere, it's not like the mea market you get with going to most bars and clubs, you just go and have fun.

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Canal St is one of the best nights out in Manchester - whether you are straight, gay, or whatever!

good fun, a big mix of music, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The fact you can mingle out on the street is one of the big pluses. And it certainly doesnt have the atmosphere of some of the other club areas of town, thats for sure.

I always recommend it to visitors as one of the safer places to go out.


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I've just seen this post, I know it was written a few years back but thought I would give me 2 pennies worth πŸ™‚

I went to Manchester Canal Street on a hen weekend last year. We had such a laugh and felt really comfortable and welcome. We went to a restaurant called Velvet and then spent the night visiting as many of the bars and clubs we could find! I would definately recommend to everyone when they visit Manchester, top night! πŸ˜€

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I'm in Manchester quite soon, so I'll give it a go! Thanks for the recommendation.

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Canal Street is a great night out, never any trouble there and always a good atmosfear.

I arranged a meal/night out for 75 people there last year. The meal was at Villaggio which was a great venue for that number of people and the service was fantastic. Doing the same this year but there are only 45 of us so we're going to Taurus which is where I wanted to hold it last year but 75 is beyond their capacity.

Last year we then went on to Via Fosse (which I have previously hired the downstairs of for a private party) which is one of my favourite places on Canal Street and then onto Satan's Hollow which, although not on Canal Street/part of the village, is more my cup of tea particularly when it comes to music.

As someone else said, doesn't matter whether you're gay or straight, Canal Street is a fun night out.