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Hi All .

Certain experiences had / symptoms had over the past 15 years have only been making sense of late or should I say I have only recently became aware of such an energy present .. I done a little research as I was curious to understand more about the energy and found a nice passage a text that I resonated with and wanted to share ..

He looks about him, though who exactly this " he " is he does not know, largely because he does not care—it is that at which he is looking that absorbs him.

He sees before him—how entirely inadequate are descriptions which must needs be couched in small physical terminologies—a vast expanse of substance. Matter is not the right word at all, nor even is substance. The word Sea would be better if it did not so forcibly connote liquid. The sentence might well have read " a vast expanse of Fire," but there is inadequacy in this also.

At any rate there is a vast expanse, the nature of which is that it is known and therefore has within it the potentiality of knowing. Whether this sentence is intelligible or not is, perhaps, doubtful. But the dominant characteristic of the expanse is the fact that it is being known all the time, and that in such knowledge lies the fact of its own potency to know.

Being known, there is involved a Knower. And the student immediately conceives the principle that at the dawn of an evolutionary unfoldment there are two elements—a Known and a Knower. There is an infinitude of Known, and a Knower who in Himself sums up the apotheosis of the evolutionary process to which He belonged. He is a God and more than a God. He is a Sun.

The student perceives that by very reason of the Knower it might be postulated of the Known that it consists of an infinitude of Knowers in their becoming.

The Known comprises, therefore, innumerable Knowers who do not know.
Or, there are innumerable Fires which do not glow. On this expanse the Knower breathes the Fire of His knowing. And so evolution begins.

Innumerable Fires begin to glow in the spirit of their fireness, for the unconscious has met its mate in the conscious. The Known has met its mate in the Knower.

Sparks issue forth.

Sparks become microscopic flames.

And there is added the fuel of kingdom after kingdom of nature, fed by the Knower, who has known kingdoms and has brought them forth through the Fire of Kundalini.
The flames grow larger. More and more fuel-experience.

The flames burst into microscopic fires.

The fires expand into conflagrations—towering greatnesses of Fire.

Kingdom after kingdom feeds sparks and flames and fires, until all human fuel is resolved into Fire, as already has been the fuel of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms before it.

And then Fires triumphant enter into the Essence of Fire. The very Form of Fire is consumed, and the Life of Fire shines forth in perfect purity.

From Fire-Form to Fire-Life.

Thus onwards into immeasurably transcendent regions, in which, perchance, even the Essence of Fire merges into that which lies beyond.

Thus from being Known, the Known becomes the Knower.
And the Knower withdraws into the transcendence of Being. On the bosom of Being He rests for re-creation.


In the Silence the clarion call of a pure Note of Forthgoing causing the Silence to vibrate in the rhythm of its own Perfection.

The Knower comes forth.

And on the expanse of a Known He breathes the Fire of his knowing.

Again begins an evolution.

And all are Knowers in the Becoming.

x daz x