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hi all
I know we are all going through this I’ve not had a monthly 15 months now and the hot flushes and tiredness is killing me please can someone help with what to take I already take evening primrose oil and black cohosh but not helping really I need help please !!!!!!


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I went in to menostop (no pause) in June 2000 aged 45. On August 10 2000 I had my first hot flush at 0525 - which got me out of bed - it was scary - I was convinced I had a serious infection. They were horrendous for years, especially when I had breast cancer in 2001, when I was told to stop taking all herbal supplements. I just weathered it, I'm afraid. Changed PJ's twice a night sometimes. I tried complying with recommendations from friends - cut out dairy/red meat/went vegan/then vegetarian etc etc etc. I did all that for 4 - 5 years, but no difference. My mother experienced the same as did my grandmother. They still happen, 18 years later, early morning and late at night.

Editing to add: I DID notice a difference, or lessening of the symptoms, when I went low carb about 10 years ago. Occasionally, if I am away or staying with friends, and increase carbs - the hot flushes are back within hours. Once I get home and back to low carb, then I may get a couple a day - as above - morning and evening.

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Joined: 7 years ago so has been a battle for myself. My relief has come from Reiki and Yoga and of course my food choices. Llimiting my desire to drink wine...I love a glass now and again. Hiking has also helped! Anyone who knows me I am crazy about herbs for healing and I have found fresh grated Ginger with a lot fresh mint and parsley steeped in hot water then drank with Lemon and honey daily has done wonders. Hope this helps.
Also, enjoy a nice swim if you can. Crazy about being near or in is so healing. Be in peace.

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Hi Ladies,
Marilyn here, I have gotten rid of my hot flushes doing a green detox or mainly not drinking alcohol fried foods. I normally have my periods from March to July but .. this year my night sweats are a joke which I blame on my excessive alcohol use during the summer. For the rest of the day my hot flushes are not so bad and are going now the weather is cooler and I have stopped the summer drinks and food.

Avoiding sugar of any kind is good and also not eating after 7 or 8pm is one of the best things but very hard.

Let me know if this helps.

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Hi mjfontaine,
Welcome to healthypages! Thank you for you insight..
Omg. Hot flashes are no fun. Finally passed for me and staying balanced was a full time job. Lol