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unrelated pains can be treated by....

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I suffered with pains for no known reason for years, eventually diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I ended up going to school for Massage Therapy. Best thing I could have done!! I then started my own business and treated a few hundred clients and after one session of Myofascial Release their pains were gone. One client needed a second session. She suffered from elbow pain for 10 years and has been great since then which is now going on 4 years. I have several other examples but take my word, it works. I went thru it myself. I asked another massage therapist for this type of massage and after one session I was great! NO MORE PAINS ANYWHERE!!! The only problem with this type of massage is that not too many people know how to do it properly. It is very light/superficial as if you weren't being touched. After the session you will notice a difference. I suggested 1.5 hour session being that its done very slow. Try it!!!

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RE: unrelated pains can be treated by....


I suffer from severe aches and pains, wld u pls let me know where to find a qualified therapist, I'm in Barnet area but wldn't mind travelling to Central London.