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Sleeping trouble

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Not sure if this is the correct place,


my husband has terrible trouble sleeping right through the night, any treatments please if anyone knows anything that could help. I am all ears....:eek:

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Is he worried about being disturbed during the night? Does he end up getting out of bed and pacing the floor for hours? Is he having to urinate more frequently? Does he feel exhausted because of the disturbance? How long has this been a 'problem'?

If he is concerned, then he could try any relaxation therapies, be it a mind therapy (EFT etc) or physical therapy (massage etc). Has he tried herbal sleep remedies? Has he been checked out by his GP? Any underlying conditions that might be aggravating it such as being overweight/a smoker/a drinker?

I'm 58, and cannot remember when I last had a 'normal' sleep. Even as a child I would wake early, and rather irritatingly, still do - rarely sleep beyond 0515 - 0600 is practically a lie in! I get up at least twice in the night, but generally get back to sleep as soon as I've been to the loo.

I used to angst about it, but since I was in my twenties decided it wasn't worth worrying about - if my body wants me to stop, then it tells me, and I have a couple of early nights. I think that being anxious about something may make the situation worse, which is why he may benefit from a quick MOT with the doc, and then relaxation therapies.

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Helping someone who can't sleep

The body 'has' to sleep, that's why sleep deprivation is a known way of torturing someone.

I have counselled many people with sleep problems and would offer the following advice.

1. When you wake up at night (even if you have not been asleep long) get up, get dressed, and stay awake for the rest of the night. Read a book, watch TV, but if you find yourself falling asleep, stand up, walk about, and stay awake.

2. The following day, stay awake all day and go to bed at your normal time. During the day, if you feel yourself falling asleep, stand up, walk about, go out, and stay awake.

3. The second night, repeat point one. Whatever time you wake up, get up, get dressed, and stay up the rest of the night and all the following day.

4. The following day go to bed at the usual time.

You will find that this works. Sleep is something that the body needs, and usually people who can't sleep are still getting more sleep than they realise, either 'proper' sleep at night, or 'dozing or day dreaming during the day. The above exercise re-trains your body to do away with the dozing and sometimes un-noticed daytime top-ups, and reinstores a proper night-time sleep pattern.

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Thank you for that.

I think his bladder keeps him awake too, then when he gets up he cant get back to sleep.

I on the other hand sleep really well and sometimes can be disturbed by him but drop back of so easily, its weird how people sleep differently.

I have always been able to lie in, and he cant.:D

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A Few Ideas To Improve Sleep

Hi there,

So sorry to hear about this problem, I totally understand how this feels as I had terrible trouble sleeping for ages until I started doing a few simple things. ( I don't know if he's any better now, but I'd love to post these techniques for anyone else who may need help too).

Sleep disturbances can be caused by many things and whilst I am not a medical professional, I am experienced in a lot of energy healing, spiritual and magical practices. I have researched this exhausting problem in great detail and have tried and tested a lot of different sleep-enhancing techniques and now share my findings with others.

Firstly, make sure that you are not eating or drinking anything that is too stimulating for a couple of hours before going to bed. Also make sure that you are 'emptying' your mind of nagging thoughts, before trying to settle.

Two ways of doing this are to get yourself some Black Tourmaline, a gemstone that is relatively affordable and when held in the left hand for a few minutes, completely clears your mind.

Another way is to listen to a relaxation CD, MP3 or YouTube Video, you can find one I love here, a lot of my girls I train love it and I found it relaxed me virtually immediately:
[DLMURL=""]Need To Relax? Listen To This... | Temple Of Inanna Magic Love Spells Free Magick Casting[/DLMURL]

There are a lot of others on YouTube actually.

I would also recommend buying some lavender essential oil as this one of the most relaxing and sedating oils and a few drops on the pillow is great. I always put a few nest drops on my forehead every night, it's one of the only oils you can do this with, without the need to dilute it.

If lavender is too 'feminine' try lemongrass, but diluted or ylang ylang essential oil, which smells divine and is my favourite oil by far aside from jasmine oil. A plus side to this is that they are also aphrodisiacs!

I also would make sure that you are not too hot or cold and have plenty of fresh air, a stuffy room and head is no good for a good nights sleep.

Another crystal that is great for sleep is amethyst, I have a lot of stones and 'play' with them all, but this and moonstone, all 'upper chakra' stones work best for encouraging sleep.

I have a few other suggestions, but I'll let you try these first. I hope these suggestions help you. Let me know.

Bright Blessings.

Inanna xxx

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For Sleeping Trouble, Do different kind of activities like as a small amount of smoke, Drink, Meditation, Little Warm-up Exercise, Read as many as new story.