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Fibromyalgia and IBS

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Hi all

I am new here and just been looking at all the lovely support, hope someone can help me?

I was diagnosed with fms a year ago, the last 3 weeks I have been suffering terribly with heartburn and stomach cramps/diahorrea, is this normal with fms?

My GP gave me buscopan and told me to take immodium but after each evenign meal it is about an hour then a mad rush to the loo with awful stomach cramps and the runs!! I am fed up, as well as being so tired and the usual pains all over.

Anybody have any advice? I am a qualified reflexologist and whilst I was training it was wonderful to have regular sessions, but a bit more difficult now the training has stopped to get access to treatments. Do any other refelxologists have experience with fms sufferers and which reflex points did you find the best for aiding the symptoms


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You need probiotics, take a good formula with at least five beneficial strains of bacteria.
Also try Digestive Advantage to take away the diarrhea. Take it first for relief and then after two weeks start on the probiotics. Stay away from sugars of all kinds and flour.

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Hi Maz, it looks like no one replied to your post in Jan πŸ™ so thought I'd send one that might be helpful to you πŸ™‚ even though it's a few months ago. You could check out Dr Eaton's website for info on both FMS and IBS .

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Every week I a make a batch of ginger tea with fresh squeezed lemon juice and local honey. It is good for digestion and has helped with my symptoms. I drink it hot and cold. I still have some issues, but not nearly as bad. Good luck!

Grate fresh ginger, place in a strainer over a heat resistent bowl. Add honey and lemon juice. Pour boiling water through strainer and let steep till cooled. Remove strainer and pour ginger tea into a container and place in refigerator. It will be strong, so you can add a shot or so to a glass of water. It could last up to a week, depending on how much you drink.