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Fatigue, Headache, loss of concentration etc

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Hello, my name is Matt and would like to get your advice on some issues I have been having, I was unsure where to post this as the symptoms relate to a few sections of the forum. I am 21 years old, male, quite small built, very pale skin - I don't get out much.

My typical day is as follows. Wake up around 7/8am, shower get ready, have breakfast - usually toast, milk and a satsuma (I've been trying to eat more healthily so this is a new diet). Around 10/11am I begin to develop a headache of such in the front area of my head behind the eyes. Taking 2 paracetamols seem to reduce the headache though does not really help my concentration.

Recently I've noticed when I wake up my nose is blocked and I have a bit of a problem breathing through it. This may have been the case before but have only just realised.

General sense of being unable to concentrate - I'm a graphic designer so I work looking at a screen 80% of the day. I usually find going for a walk outside helps to prevent further headaches in the afternoon - I can only assume this is the fresh air.

I don't consider myself to be very fit, working in an office or at home all day doesn't allow me to get out much to exercise. When I do light walking to and from the car and work I find I sweat quite easily.
I've been trying to get into a better routine where I do a bit of running/walking each day for at least 10minutes at a time.

Possible increase in urination (more in the morning) so I am not sure if this is useful to know. I'd like to rule out diabetes. I'm not a large person at all but I guess I have been eating a lot more healthy/fatty/salty food the past 6months or so.

Sometimes difficulty in sleeping. Again, not always.

Symptoms summed up:

• General fatigue / tiredness - don't want to get out of bed and do anything, no motivation.
• Headache usually at the front of my head behind the eyes - I don't always get these)
• Unable to concentrate as the day goes on (at first I thought this might be lack of food but am unsure)
• Cold hands and feet - this has probably been the same my entire life
• Sometimes blocked nose in morning. (The other day I noticed a bit of semi dry/moist blood)

I'd also like to say that about a year and a half ago I had similar symptoms and thought I was anaemic, after having a blood test done (unsure what exactly was checked) results came back fine and I was suggested to rest more. (It was my final couple years at University so a lot of pressure and late nights were happening)

I've read online () about adrenal_fatigue, which seems to sum myself up perfectly, though this may be me jumping to conclusions and I don't want to put words into anyones mouths.

Thanks in advance, it would be great to get your opinions. I'm likely to go to the doctor shortly but would be nice if I had a bit of an insight in what to say. Sorry for the essay, I've tried to get across the best picture I could. 🙂

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My advice is to go to your GP and tell him (or her) all this. The GP is the ONLY person who can diagnose.

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Not a substitute for professional diagnosis...
Do try to be more friendly with yourself and less self critical.
Do walk in the fresh air exercise , eat healthy. not for health benefits but for fun.
Don't make it clinical and certainly not to eradicate this or that but to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes with wholesome eating and doing.

Screen does not hurt. But if you insist it is staring at the screen, then it will accentuate that strain.
Generally relax.
When the headache is on....allow the energy that has got clogged up in the head to flow again...relax and allow and it will move.

You will generally feel less fatigued if life is not lived as a burden to achieve financial social and professional targets only but to enjoy and looking forward to the mystery that life presents each day and each moment.
Have some inner connection to yourself in form of prayer, contemplation, quietude and just being.
When you respond to life simply it becomes light and fun
It will be alright again won"t it?