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What role should antidepressants play in sobriety?

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I have seen so many people who suggest that if they are prescribed and take antidepressants from a medical doctor, they are not considered sober. How do you feel about this?

Do you feel that it is just another way of numbing certain pains or do you believe that this is something that many of us actually need to be able to live a happy, healthy, productive life? This is something that I am currently struggling with quite a bit. Anyone have any feedback that they would like to share?

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Not sure what you are saying here. I have never considered anyone on anti-depressants as not being 'sober' I have never heard that suggested before.

I think numbing pain with chemicals can be helpful in the short term if the pain is severe. So someone who has suffered a bereavement may well benefit from a short course of sleeping tablets for example. But long term use of anything prescribed, purchased legal or illegal is not an answer to anything.

Does that help at all?

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Depends on the case... Some people don't have a temporary pain they need to treat but more a permanent part of their personality. And then anti depressants can be great even for a longer term.

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