Three benefits of ear candling before going on holiday

The main way that you’re likely to encounter this is when swimming in the pool or the ocean. The amount of water that can enter your ears can be absorbed into the wax, therefore making it expand beyond its normal size. In fact, you might not even realise that you’re dealing with an ear wax issue until this happens.


A build-up of wax isn’t just uncomfortable. Instead, it can lead to a whole number of other unpleasant symptoms. This includes dizziness, earache and poor hearing. These ailments could really put a damper on your holiday, ultimately making it difficult for you to enjoy your trip to the full. In addition, you also become more likely to pick up an ear infection if you’re dealing with excess ear wax.


The amount of help that’s on offer will usually depend on what country you’re staying in and how advanced their health service is. Most forms of treatment are likely to disrupt your holiday in some capacity, while more natural remedies – such as ear waxing – may not always be as readily available overseas as they are in the UK. Essentially, you could be left in a helpless situation with your ear wax until it’s time to return home.

Don’t delay!

It’s now the time of the year when people are putting together their summer holidays. Rather than let yours turn into a disaster, be sure to enjoy the benefits of ear candling before setting off. You can find a list of trained experts who are qualified to carry out the treatment in our directory.

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