These 3 habits could be staining your teeth

You should really have your teeth whitened before the stage when your gnashers turn an unsightly shade. The question is: how can you predict when this will happen to you? Well, it just so happens that there are a number of habits that will speed the process along. Luckily, the effects of the following three habits can quickly be reversed with the help of teeth whitening.


The effects of smoking will have taken a toll on your pearly whites even if you’ve managed to give up. This happens because cigarettes will hinder your ability to fight against infection, meaning that your mouth is defenceless against ailments that cause a build-up of plaque and bacteria. In addition, the nicotine and tar found in cigarettes are also liable to cause discolouring. Smokers – as well as ex-smokers – can fight back against these effects by having their teeth whitened.


You may not know that some of your favourite drinks are actually staining your teeth. These are typically dark-coloured beverages, such as coffee and red wine. Meanwhile, orange juice can also be highly damaging to the colour of your teeth. This is because the acidic nature of the drink can erode your enamel, ultimately leading to tooth decay and making them prone to discolouring. Of course, these drinks can be good for you in moderation – so rather than give them up be sure to enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening instead.


You should brush your teeth twice a day to maintain a high degree of oral hygiene. In addition, you should also floss and use mouthwash. If you’re not in a great routine with these things, it’s possible that your teeth will soon begin to lose their whiteness (if they haven’t already). Teeth whitening isn’t just the quick fix you’re looking for, it can also motivate you to take your oral hygiene more seriously in future.

A ‘Hollywood smile’ awaits

These three habits will be the first sign that you could benefit from having your teeth whitened. Once you’ve decided that the procedure is for you, be sure to check out the experts in our directory who can carry it out for you.

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