The problem with using your friends as your life coach

You may be in the habit of turning to your friends in your time of need. This, of course, might seem like the most sensible action – but it certainly doesn’t hold a candle to recruiting a life coach. After all, these professionals are trained to assist you in many facets of your life – from finding romance to getting a promotion in your job. In case you think that your pals are already doing this job, here are three reasons why you shouldn’t use your friends as a life coach.


Life coaches are trained to get the very best of out of people. They know tried and tested techniques that can help individuals excel in both their personal and professional lives. While your friends may give good advice from time to time, they’re not actually qualified to sort out your problems and help you to reach your goals. There’s no guarantee that they’ll even have your best interests at heart either.


The great thing about a life coach is that you can feel free to open up about the highs and lows of your life. Unlike your friends, they won’t be inclined to judge you either. The professional relationship that you’ll have with a life coach will make it easier to be honest about your hopes and dreams. This is sometimes hard to achieve with a friend, especially when you’re concerned they might not take you seriously.


A life coach should pick you up when you’re down and steer you on the right track. This can be when you’re feeling lonely at the weekend or stressed during the week. Essentially, they are devoted to you and your needs. Meanwhile, your friends have their own problems to solve and can’t always devote time and attention to yours. Therefore, don’t prioritise their opinion over that of a life coach.

Do you need a life coach?

It doesn’t matter whether you need a helpful nudge or a big push in the right direction – you could benefit from a life coach. To find one who’ll help you make positive steps and improve your life, check out the professionals in our directory.

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Thank you for this article! Trained Life Coach is a commitment. Thank you again Mike.