Training for race season? You need a sports massage

Spring marks the official beginning of race season in the UK. This means that you can expect to be tempted by park runs, 10ks and even marathons. Why will you throw yourself into the mix once again? Well, you’ll no doubt want to maintain your fitness levels and achieve a brand new personal best. As you begin to put together your training regime, it’s worth factoring in the benefits of having a sports massage. Here are three ways it will help you to hit new heights this race season.

Improves mobility

You’ll need to get those legs moving as fast as you can if you’re to topple your efforts from last year. Unfortunately, your muscles will have naturally stored tension since they were last carrying you across the finish line. This can make you less limber and have you lacking in mobility – two things that can put you at a disadvantage. Luckily a sports massage will help rid your body of this tension, thus moving you closer to peak performance levels.

Reduces injury

There’s a misconception that a sports massage is only helpful for those athletes who are already suffering from an injury. However, in reality, the treatment – which increases blood flow and improves tissue healing ability – can actually prevent you from suffering from injuries like pulled muscles. This should mean that you’re not sitting on the sidelines when your friends, family and co-workers are crossing the finish line.

Promotes relaxation

Training can be extremely rewarding – but it can also be a bit stressful. Thankfully you won’t feel so much anxiety about any upcoming races if you treat yourself to a much-needed sports massage beforehand. This is because your body releases endorphins when it’s touched and soothed during a massage. These chemicals can then improve your frame of mind and outlook when you’re in action.

Ready, steady, go!

This race season could be your best ever. Just remember that a sports massage can be just the thing that will have you smashing your race goals in 2018. To find a professional who will work their magic on your body, check out our directory.

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