Managing stress at work and at home

We know it’s bad for us. But like that bar of chocolate or packet of crisps, sometimes it’s unavoidable. You can’t always predict it or cut it out like a Friday night takeaway. It’s unnerving when it can’t simply be removed from your house, but your doctor warns you it can cause hypertension, poor heart health, unsatisfactory sleep, anxiety or depression amongst a large cluster of other disorders.

Fight or flight

Your body deals with pressure by flooding your body with hormones, amongst them cortisol and adrenaline. This is biology’s way of preparing your body for ‘fight or flight’ scenarios, propelling you to able to face potentially dangerous situations. Unfortunately, your body can’t often tell between emotional and physical threats. So imagine that heightened state being almost a constant feeling for some; unhappy relationships and family issues, problems at work and economic worries being a few potential pitfalls. So what are some of the signs that your body is under too much pressure, and what can you do about it?

Some of the pressure signs

If you’re noticing weight fluctuations, digestive problems, poor memory, concentration issues, loneliness, loss of sex drive, irregular sleeping, aches and pains or frequent colds, the chances are you need to stop and take stock of your health. It’s precious, so be sure any root cause is addressed.

As a key part of everyone’s life, work can be a source of satisfaction or worry. Alarmingly, stress is the number one cause of absence at work and can over-spill into everyday living. There are specific therapists that can help aid with dealing with stress at work, however, such as those aimed at organisations and managers wanting to motivate their teams in positive manners.

What to do

Methods of resolving stress in the workplace can involve workshops that are varied and can be tailored from engaging management on stress prevention to overcoming anger and self-motivation. HealthyPages has a wealth of stress management therapists that provide inspirational guidance and an open, informal approach, inviting questions and participation, allowing you and your organisation to implement positive changes that help tackle stress – whether at work or in your personal life. Browse our directory today to find stress management therapists.

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