Psychic Medium – what to expect

When a loved one dies, it’s natural to wonder if their spirit still lives on. Many people are curious about the afterlife, and in the hope of getting a message from their dearly departed, they may visit a psychic medium.

If you’ve been pondering visiting a medium, but haven’t yet plucked up the courage, knowing what to expect can allay any fears you have.

What to look out for

When choosing a medium, always pick one that comes highly recommended. As with any trade, there are good and bad ones out there, so seeking out someone with a great reputation will make your experience more worthwhile. Bear in mind that reputable mediums may be booked up many months ahead.

It’s important to go with an open mind when visiting a medium. Hopefully, you’ll get a message from a deceased loved one, but there’s never any guarantee. For more chance of receiving a message, opt for a one-on-one session with the medium rather than visiting a public show.

How do mediums work?

Mediums work in different ways, but they’ll usually explain how they work before the session begins. Try to relax, as spirits are more likely to communicate through the medium if you’re feeling calm.

Mediums have a special ability to hear a person in spirit in their mind. They may also be able to visualise them. Sometimes, they can feel them, so that if the deceased person suffered from pain, the medium may experience this same pain during the session.

Mediums give evidence that life exists beyond death. They’ll describe the person in spirit they’re communicating with, and may mention specific details such as what the person died from, what hobbies they had or any other details. The deceased person may have a particular message they want to communicate. Sometimes the information given might not make sense at the time, but may come to mean something later on.

A good medium will never offer vague information that could relate to anybody. They will also never give bad news; the point of the session is to bring comfort to the person, and to prove that departed loved ones are still around.

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