What is colour therapy?

Colour therapy is an alternative medicine approach which uses a technique to project colour onto specially coloured light. Its use has been recorded in ancient texts from India, China, and Egypt. The therapy aims to balance our body’s centres (or chakras) and enhance our health by using the colours of the light spectrum. It is non-invasive and an holistic therapy approach that uses the energy found in colour to positively enhance your life. Advocates of the therapy believe the colours can help to boost the natural healing processes in the body.

What can it be used for?

Colour therapy has been used for a range of problems, including physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental issues and challenges a person is facing. It’s a complementary therapy, meaning it’s safe to use in parallel with other therapies, and medicines or drugs prescribed by a doctor. It is safe enough to be used to treat children or adults and even animals.

When can you use it?

Working with and attending sessions with a trained colour therapist is a great place to start your experience of using colour therapy. One great thing about colour therapy is that the techniques you learn can be used in your own time, and as colour is found everywhere, you can use the therapy every day. Your colour therapist can explain how to enhance your experience of the colour you see every day in your home and at work to boost your health and your overall wellbeing.

How does it work?

Colour therapy uses the colours in the light spectrum to understand where there is an imbalance which could be related to emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issues the person is facing. A trained therapist can explain to you what the different colours are able to tell you about yourself, what your colour preferences are and what colours you might actually need to address any imbalances you are experiencing.

If you’re interested in colour therapy, whether as a treatment or to learn more about becoming a colour therapy practitioner, have a look through our directory to find colour therapists near you.

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