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Market for MLD

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Hi, I'm a holistic therapist with qualifications in massage, and am wondering about whether to train in manual lymphatic drainage. My research so far suggests that there are one-day courses but that these don't qualify you to work with people who have cancer. I am attracted to the idea of the proper long courses, but these are naturally (given the no. of days) expensive. Do you think there is a market for MLD services, both privately and perhaps even through the NHS/hospices (or is it always specialist nurses who do MLD in those places?)?
Also, any tips on which of the four types - I think they're Vodder, Foldi, Leduc and Casley-Smith - is the best to go for?
Any info would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot

Sarah X

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I've been a Vodder MLD'er since 1997, having been a massage therapist since 1977. I can honestly say that a whole new world opened to me when I completed the training. I work on and with the most amazing people every single day.

Have a look at [url]Home - MLD UK[/url] - Courses page. Vodder is the most 'broad ranging' of the 4 methods. Foldi only trains in Germany. Casley-Smith is mainly aimed at nurses and Leduc at fully qualified nurses/physios or Vodder therapists.