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Could someone tell me what the difference between a STAT and PAAT practitioner is?
I particularly would like to hear from any PAAT practitioner on whether the 'hands-on' experience on the PAAT course is more than adequate? (and what year they start 'hands-on' on the course?)
+ Also from any STAT practioners on how many 'hands-on' hours/years training they think is needed to become 'good enough' to go solo?


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I had Alexander lessons from a PAAT teacher.

They suggested to me that PAAT was better than STAT. However in the mainstream press, it seems to be mainly STAT that are mentioned, supposedly as the "official" organisation

I can't understand why there are so few forums discussing the AT

I'm pleased I found this but it's not very active is it?!

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hope this helps 😉

Both of them have websites with their training on but you have to dig deep for it. PAAT is 2000 hours and STAT is 1600 but it doesn't say about hands on them all.