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The last few years I have been living my life being affraid of who i am but now it is as thou the veil has been lifted and the light is all around me!!

For many years i always thought that others around me had a calling and i was here to encourage and support them!!

I was lead to Fethiye and the Esen valley. I have known about it being a meeting place in history, in Lycian times for Soothsayers!!

I now know it is linked to me but I am unsure to the why's???

I asked my friend and Reiki Master the other day if I am on the right path and she said that I am making the path!!!

Now I can make sense to the many situations that have lead me to this point, I am now ready to call to those who have been awaiting a message, a reason!!

To those of you that this makes sense to please, explain to me what it means with you???

With love and blessing!!

Devlana x