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taking the plunge: wanting to follow paganism

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Hello all,
You all seem like a very friendly bunch and I was looking for some answers.
I have always been very spiritualist and open to the concept of following the pagan ways and have been looking at paganism for a few years, I've decided it's definatly my path to follow but honestly don't know where to start. I live near Portsmouth so any groups I can meet to talk to or any information on here would be greatly appreciated. Also my partner and I have decided to have a hand fasting ceremony after the required registry office affair and would like any help people can.offer as to how to go about it.

Thanks xxz

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Hi Tiggermad and welcome to Healthypages,

I know there's a lot of people here who follow the pagan way of living, so I'm sure you'll get some good advice. 🙂

All Love and Reiki Hugs

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Have a look at the Pagan federation website - . Loads of pagan links on there. You might find something for your area. 🙂