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Positive Mental Attitude Required !

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Hi all,

I have arthritis in both knees, hips, left shoulder, right elbow and wrist, left elbow, and starting on my fingers. I am on morphine for the pain, along with naproxen, tramadol and co-codamol, but tbh it doesnt touch the sides.

I work fulltime, commuting into the City, a 50 min trip morning and afternoon, and outside of my working hours run a small business providing healer and spiritual training.
On Sundays, I run the local spiritualist centre, which I set up from scratch four years ago.

Most of the time Im ok with it all - although I would love to be able to stop commuting, my husband is not in a position to support me financially, so this isnt going to happen. It makes my life very difficult, as the pain caused by the walk to and from my office, and then up three flights of stairs is immense.

However I am now at a stage where I am being referred for a wheelchair. I dont feel good about this - Im 51, and hope to still have a few good years in me ! The pain over the last few weeks has been very hard to bear, frankly if I didnt have my son and mother to consider I dont think I would still be here.

Can anyone offer me tips on remaining positive ? Most of the time Im ok, but for some reason the last few weeks have prioven very challenging. The wheelchair issue is a concern, and the pain is pretty tough.

Im short tempered, which is not like me, and finding it hard to focus on my work, As I work in sales, and commission is part of my income, the brain fog from the meds is making working hard too, but as stated above I have no option to give up.

Suggestions anyone ?

Jay 🙂

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Hi jay
I am not goint to give you a list of things to do to stay positive. That will be counter productive

Positive mental attitude is a forced thing, constant hard work and give only patchy results. Look carefully Your entire energy is going in quite a different direction-not in judgemental fashion but in an honest, open way and recognize how flow is disrupted by fear, low expectations and obligation to having to work so hard to survive.
All that and burden of keeping positive too! Do you want to kill yourself??

Staying positive doesn't help. its a folly. mind cannot impose peace upon itself. What a small patch work is going to do on this whole thing? But we don't see the most common things...positive attitude is an imposition againstt the current. The current is going left...I am ok, I am going right, I am happy, all well...blah blah as though there is not enough effort in your life already!
I suggest allow the pain, anger frustration, don't try to get better, so to speak without going into the deepest chaos. you will see how much you hold yourself back from going into the darkest places...even in doing so, a certain lightenss will begin to creep back. It will leave you more open, more allowing.
That alone will help you back in flow, the recognition that how life is lived alongside the flow, never in it.
Please dismiss it, if does not make any sense. Instead wait for someone to reply with positive attitudes.
May it become easy

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Hi Jay, you sould like a typical hardworking mum, working for everyone else and with many extra burdens. 🙂 I am the same age as you and my spread of arthritis has now hit my spine and neck. Strangely for me my fingers and feet were the first to go and it is both sides.

The thought of a wheelchair does me in too, I would rather not move around I think, but I realise you will have to. Not very positive of me, but I wanted you to know I understand your concerns. I found that Diclofenic Pottasium (not the sodium version) changed my life, Naproxen and all the other cox 2 NSAIDS didn't work at all but the Diclofenic Pottasium is fantastic and lessened swelling, pain and heat as well as gave me more movement. Maybe you might see if it is suitable for you? I also knit to keep my fingers exercised, and the enthusiasm about making things for my family helps me carry on even when it's hard for me.

The weather also makes a big difference, today it is warm and sunny and I feel so much better, hope you do too,


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This may not help in the slightest, but in January 2002 I was diagnosed with spondylitis (an arthritic condition of the spine). By August 2002, I was in constant pain, unable to sit still or hold a drum – I’m a shamanic teacher, so this was serious! So I had some shamanic healing from three friends, working together. I have had no pain since. According to the doctors, it is in remission. According to my spirits, it has gone.
Shamanic healing might be worth a try. Of course, because I work shamanically myself, I was able to work on the spiritual reasons for the condition with my spirits. This undoubtedly helped me.

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Hi Jay,

I've found that crystal and flower essences help enormously with my feelings and mood. They also have the advantage of being cheap and easy to use.

The Bach Flowers are good - walnut, for instance, to handle change and either elm or oak for supporting you with your responsibilites.

It might also be woth looking at the selection of combination essences at [url]Crystal Herbs [/url].


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I think that 'remaining positive' on top of what you are already doing is just more effort for you, and a difficult one at that, you don't need more of it!

Do you have any way to expand the small healer/spiritual training business, i.e. is there a way you could expand that a little and try to find part time work nearer to home.

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Hi inspiral, You could try they have a forum with lots of support for all types of arthritis. Do you have a rheumatology nurse you could talk to about your meds.as ive just started to see mine and she is great.Also now I have my reiki 🙂 I hope you feel better soon

best wishes sarah .

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Thank you everyone who took the time to answer me. Since I wrote, I have had some tests back from the GP which show a significantly high level of inflammation in my body, so I now have an appointment to see a specialist in Rheumatology, so maybe things are progressing. The morphine seems to be helping too, inasmuch as I have bad stiffness, but not a much pain. Thats an improvement !
I do appreciate all of you taking the time to write back to me.
Some of the replies were really helpful, and I am expanding my business as well, as I may be at a stage where my employer is going to let me go - so all things happen for a reason !

Much love and thanks 🙂

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Hello everyone. I am new here so please forgive if I am 'butting' in. Recently I was given some advice on the using of Tumeric to help with arthritic pains. It has anti inflamatatory properties in it. I take 2 caps daily, and I really think it has started to help with the pain. I hope this may be of some help.

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Hi inspiral,

My mum has some mild Arthritis, when the first sign's showed up a few years ago, I desperately tried to persuade her to alkalize her diet, to no avail (I've given up) - deeply, deeply frustrating, as I know it would work!

So maybe I can persuade you to take a further look at the benefits of balancing your body's pH Levels:


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 22 percent of American adults have doctor-diagnosed arthritis; it is considered a "normal" consequence of aging by many. Genetics, overuse and injury are factors in the development of arthritis, although biochemistry plays a central role. The body's biochemistry is most affected by diet, which in the United States is often highly acidic. Alkaline diets seem to promote health and discourage diseases, such as arthritis.

Definition of Alkalinity

Alkalinity is a relative measurement of the number of hydrogen ions in solution. If a solution contains many hydrogen ions, it is considered acidic, whereas alkaline, or basic, solutions contain relatively fewer hydrogen ions. Solutions with a pH between 0 and 6.9 are acidic, while solutions between 7.1 and 14 are considered alkaline. Pure water is considered neutral and rates a 7 on the pH scale. Strong acids, such as stomach acid, often have a pH as low as 3. Human blood is alkaline and must be carefully maintained at a pH close to 7.35 for many biological processes to occur.

Biochemistry of Arthritis

Human blood primarily carries nutrients, energy, oxygen, carbon dioxide and waste products. Alkaline blood performs various exchanges and biochemical reactions most effectively, as well as deterring the survival and proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms, which prefer acidic mediums. Although human blood can be slightly more alkaline than 7.35, it cannot be much more acidic for long periods of time, so the body has mechanisms that can raise the blood's pH when acidic dietary choices cause a crisis. The body reacts to an acidity crisis by liberating alkaline minerals from the bones, such as calcium and magnesium, and depositing them into the blood and other acidic tissues in efforts to raise pH levels. The liberation of minerals from bones leads to weak bones, referred to as osteoporosis, and deformed bones and joints, which we call arthritis.

Alkaline Foods

The vast majority of fruits and vegetables promote alkalinity in the blood and don't put the body into acidity crises. The juice of some fruits may be acidic, such as lemons and grapefruits, but paradoxically, when consumed they have alkalizing effects. Other highly alkalizing fruits and vegetables are watermelon, cantaloupe, most melons, limes, mango, papaya, seedless grapes, dates, celery, cucumber, parsley, kelp, wheatgrass and watercress. Dairy products, such as yogurt, are alkaline, but their protein and fat content makes them less so than fruits and vegetables.

Acidic Foods to Avoid

The standard American diet is full of highly acidic foods that put the body into crises and contribute to a variety of health issues, including arthritis and even cancer. All processed and refined foods, especially those high in protein and saturated fat, have acidic effects on the body. Sugar is very acidic, as are artificial sweeteners, although the natural fructose within fruits is usually not acidic in moderate amounts. One of the acidic few fruits is blueberries, which are high in sugar. Other highly acidic foods and beverages we commonly consume are meat products, breads and pastas, cheeses, anything pickled, beer, wine, liquor, soda pop, coffee and black teas.


Some more articles and websites that you may find interesting:

[url]The pH Diet as a Natural Treatment For Arthritis[/url]

[url]Natural Relief for Arthritis[/url]

[url]Acid Alkaline Diet[/url]

[url]Nature's Helpers for Arthritis Pain and Inflammation : The Anti-Inflammatory Diet[/url]

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I suggest you to visit benendenhospital.org.uk. They have best consultants for arthritis in UK.

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welcome to this forum site , here u can find lots of things , i suggest you for your question ,you have to contact any other expert right now
i am not able to give u answer.

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Hey, I suggest you to read books as well as do pranayama yoga.